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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

 Hey guys! How is your new year going?
You doing good in school, eh?
 Sorry for not posting, It's been like 20 days. But to be honest there are no updates or anything to talk about. I want to remind everyone that March is 2 months away, which is Fantage Zebra's 3rd birthday... I'm speachless.
 So that mean's i'll probably be advertising more. Also, we reset the chat. We want to get rid of the old owners and mods that have quit. So this is your opportunity to come on, be active, get noticed, and help out with the advertising; so you guys can get a chance to be mod.
 I also wanted to point out that we have had emails just for the blog, but i always forget them and my password. We want to remind you that you can send fanart, or just help overall. We are using our regular emails:

Thursday, January 1, 2015


So I saw this dude on Fantage and he was really rude, he wanted my insta so I followed him and he followed me and it turned out he was Chinese. So I saw him again today and all I said was "chink" and bam, i'm banned for 24 hours. Story of my life.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Years!

Does anyone even make New Year's revolutions anymore? I mean, I've tried.. like, multiple times, and every single time, I never reach my goal.
Let's face it, were never gonna change.
I just cannot believe it's 2015 already! Time is going so fast.
I'm just gonna sit around on Fantage all night and chat on the blog. Other than that, nothing exciting. I have no friends to come over. 
I kind of want to drink... SPARKLING WINE. (it's fake wine.)
Everyone I know is probably smoking some weed and getting trashed while I'm at home playing Fantage.
Oh well. 
Parties are crazy on New Years.
There's wasted white girls going, "Where's my daddy? I want my phone! GIVE ME STARBUCKS!"
Oh, wait, that's every night.. Ooops..
But on my bucket list, I have a dream to go to New York and watch the ball drop. I'm promising myself I will.. But I do have some unrealistic wishes on there.. Like meeting the Kardashians, or making out with Channing Tatum...
I hope everyone has a fun filled night! Be safe though, there's crazies out there.
Let me know what you're doing for New Year's Eve, or even New Year's day.
Email me at OR hit me up on the chat.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mackper is back on Fantage..

So it's true. IMMA BACK.
Hehe. I  don't know if Fantage read my messages or...?
I might have an idea on why I was banned. So it might be IP address. (i'm no computer expert). I go from my own home, to my dad's girlfriends, to her mom's once in awhile. 3 different locations. Fantage probably thinks 3 people are using my account. I don't know if I can change that or not. Buuuut it's letting me on at his girlfriend's, but I dunno about home. It's so confusing.
Anyway, while i've been gone i've been playing GTA 5, which, i'm pro at. I already got all 3 guys so bravo for me.
I haven't been up to much..
Just in a really annoyed mood. Like, anything annoys me. I'm just so uncomfortable and annoyed. I just wanna throw my computer across the room. My computer is being SO slow and annoying. I'm just really pissy. 


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mackper is banned on Fantage..

Yup, it's true. I'm banned. Why? I don't even think Fantage knows why they banned me.
Sooooo, yanno, i'm on Fantage everyday, all day. I never do anything bad. I don't bully, curse, scam, nothing. I've been a member since 2009 and not once have I ever been banned.
I get on Fantage last night, (12/26/14, around 1 A.M.) to..
"This account has been banned for 99 hours."
My mind went blank. I was so sad.
Okay shut up, I know i'm a little too old to be this upset over being banned from a 9 year old game- but it's addicting.
What pisses me off the most is that I have no idea why I was banned.
I could have been possibly hacked...
Which brings me to my next point...
Basically you put in your email, email pass (which is so sketchy..) fantage user and pass and how much ecoins and gold you want, along with a free membership. 
Me then;

Me now;
.....seriously Kenzie?
How could I have been so stupid to give such personal details out?
Parent and school lecture: Don't ever give out personal information, people will scam you.
(Damn, I should have payed attention during grade school.)
So yeah, that site is a scam, and I'm not the only one who says so. On the YouTube, people complained about being banned as well.
But what if it wasn't even that site? It had to of been. I never gave out my password before.
Maybe I was just banned on accident or something. Whatever it was, it was pointless.
I'm a good girl.
I've emailed Fantage multiple times, they'll probably never get back to me.
4 days without Fantage. Greaaaat.
I love you all. I'll get through this. *tear*

Friday, December 26, 2014

My suggestion...

I know that reading can be like, super boring, trust me, I know. Although, I've been reading a lot lately.
My taste in books is... different.
I like books about love, drugs, cyber encounters, and bullying. I like books that I can relate too.
I was shopping with my gram a couple days ago, and we went to Books-A-Million or something like that.
(My grandma is obsessed with books.) 
At first, this was my reaction; 

Gram, you are soooo annoying.
Once I got into the teen books, I actually fell in love.
There was so many different types and I looked through most of the books in the section.
I came upon a book called "Dear nobody, the true diary of Mary Rose"
I was like, OMG. THIS DESCRIBES ME. (I don't do drugs, but man did I know how she felt.)
I am in depression, and my anxiety is over the top constantly. I feel like no one likes me or cares for me. And I always associate with the wrong people, but as stated on the book, I don't care, because i'm so lonely, and no matter what their intentions are, at least they're talking to me.
I bought it, and started reading it on the way back home. I really liked this book. 
It was a thick book, with a lot of pages.
I finished the book in 2 nights. I've never been so quick to finish a book before.
Now, I hated reading. Still do. But sometimes to get your mind off things, reading is an excellent way to relax yourself, plus, you learn new things and hear others side of the story.
This book is about a young girl, 15, who has a rough life. Her mothers boyfriend always beats them and screams and is abusive. Mary hated it, but her mother didn't seem to care.
Mary hung out with the wrong crowd, smoked weed, injected heroin, did multiple drugs that are deadly.
She got screwed over by many guys, and had sex with them. She became emotionally attached to anyone who gave her attention, and when betrayed, went insane.
She actually went into rehab a few times and it never seemed to work.
Finally she got diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis ( a problem with lungs, it produces thick mucus and you coug up blood. I don't know a lot about it. So do your own research.)
She ended up in the hospital and continued to smoke and drink and do drugs.
The rest of the story is for YOU to read.
I really liked this book and have a feeling if you're into what I am, you'll like it too.
The book can be found pretty much anywhere. 
I highly suggest reading it- you won't regret it.
Email me at OR catch me on the chat for more info.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fantage "besties"

So, these new "besties"..? Fantage, what the hell? I'm sorry. But there is SO many things wrong with this new update.
-Fantage is basically telling us that we have no friends and these annoying little shits will be our friends? I don't need a robot following me around saying, "Let's go to star cafe!" or, "I missed you!" Please, it doesn't make me feel better. It makes me wanna strangle that thing.
-We can customize it by color, clothes, and literally make up our best friend. That has to go with society and the economy. We can't "make" our best friends. But god if we could...
-IT HAS NO POINT. What does it do? Follow you around annoying the piss outta you. That's what it does.
-It's not my best friend, actually. I'd rather have no friends than a machine following me around.
-It's sexist. What if I want a girl best friend?
Fantage, I love you, but c'mon. Ever think of the cons of things?
What do YOU think?
Like it or love it?
Tell us your reaction down below! Or you can email me at OR catch me on the chat.
Rage over.